Британские ученые опубликовали обзор A Brief, Untold History of Russian Rap, часть которого посвящена песне «Буду пАгибать мАлодым». Цитата: When Mister Maloy’s debut “Gonna Die Young” became a hit in 1992, he was just 13-years-old, and he clearly spoke to all the Russian ’90s kids out there. In the track, he muses on the dangers of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes — suddenly available on every street corner and at any age. The video was shot on a budget of $150 in a ruined courtyard, which was a familiar setting for teenage ramblings at the time. And no, he didn’t die young — but nor could he sustain his first success past the mid ’90s.

Также в материале: Мальчишник, Децл, Шефф, Михей, Каста и Кровосток. Полный текст здесь.